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Model governance
in 3 simple steps

With a model card as the source of truth, you can easily align across stakeholders on model details, considerations, parameters, performance explainability and fairness results.

Survey Form

Gather inputs and align stakeholders across product, data science and compliance

Model Card

Source of truth for model details, performance, explainability and fairness analysis

Reports and Checks

Automated documentation of model and alerts from performance / fairness checks.

Why VerifyML

Simple yet comprehensive

Integrate your favourite data science models with 5 types of tests covering more than 20 different types of fairness requirements.

Improve model reliability

Have the confidence and peace of mind that models being deployed meets prescribed performance and fairness criteria.

Satisfies compliance requirements

Aligns with both the spirit and requirements of Singapore's MAS fairness assessment methodology.

why verifyml

Model Testing for Data Teams

Avoid unintended biases from development to production

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Subgroup Disparity Test

Assert that the model's performance across subgroups is similar.

Min / Max Metric Threshold Test

Ensure a minimum level of acceptable service across subgroups of interest.

Perturbation Test

Test the robustness of the model by perturbing protected variables of interest.

Feature Importance Test

Check if certain protected attributes are in the model's most influential features.

Data Shift Test

Assert that the data distribution is similar between 2 datasets (e.g. development and production).

Looking for other methods?

Open a new Github issue and let us know the types of model tests that you would like to see implemented!

From Development to Production

Write data science code as tests and produce model reports for documentation, accountability and reporting purposes

Get Started!

Get started with VerifyML by bootstrapping a model card using our web tool, going through our getting started notebook, or viewing the details of a model card with our online model card explorer.

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